Alto Lucero de Gutiérrez Barrios, Veracruz

Hotel Boca de Ovejas


Boca de Ovejas is the ideal place to relax, enjoy and have unbeatable moments surrounded by beach, sun, and nature. Our facilities and services are made to pamper you.

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de nuestros huéspedes


"It is a place apart from everything, it is small and simple but pleasant; wide green areas, space to play and either on the beach or in the pool you can spend very comfortable moments. The food is varied, delicious and not expensive. As a couple or with the family it is fantastic to relax and rest"


"The Hotel Boca de Ovejas is a simple hotel, ideal to visit with the family; the location is very good and the prices quite accessible. The rooms are simple but very clean, the pool area is quite spacious, perfect for resting and playing for the children; the hotel has direct access to the sea and its beach is beautiful. The staff in the restaurant was very friendly, the food is very good and the prices very accessible. I recommend it if you want to enjoy a quiet weekend!"


"From a very young age my parents took me to the beaches that surround the lighthouse and we stayed in this beautiful hotel with its garden and river sheep with water full of fish that to date is preserved as before. I am very grateful to the people who have worked at this hotel for always receiving their kindness and help."